Moresby South Women’s SME’s receive major funding commitment


Over 25,000 Women in Moresby South who are officially registered members of 320 different business associations will become beneficiaries of a funding commitment by Governor for NCD, Hon. Powes Parkop. See Video Story:

Late last year in Pari Village during the SME Markets, the Governor committed K100,000 to assist Women’s SME and this week has now allocated 1 million kina to assist Women in Moresby South. The Governor commended Women in the electorate in their efforts to register their associations and businesses through IPA and IRC. “It’s time we step into the formal sector from the informal sector” the Governor said.

Rose Hagua, team leader of the Moresby South SME Coordinating Committee reassured the Governor saying, “We are organized, we are prepared, we are serious, we are committed, we are excited and we have not waited for both of you, we’ve started”.

The Governor also introduced its new ‘Service Centre’ team that will help educate and assist the 320 business associations throughout NCD. The Service Desk will work alongside women groups and associations assisting them in services such as opening a business account, book keeping, and other business related difficulties.

Parkop in union with Member for Moresby South, Honourable Justin Tkatchenko, have steadily supported women through frequent economic and educational projects that have benefited the people of Moresby South. The continual empowerment of women engaged in the SME sector is without question vital as our women are the backbone of our families and communities.

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