Rainwater Harvesting for Murr Village in South Fly


Murr Village, a community of 300 people in Western Province’s South Fly district, has received rainwater harvesting units that will provide them with access to clean and safe water. The Australian Government funded the installation of the units through the Western Province Partnership’s Water Security Project. The selected communities lacking groundwater sources were confirmed through a Hydrogeology survey and the District WASH committee, and Murr was identified as one of these communities.

The first-ever completed Rainwater Harvesting Unit at Murr Village.

Each rainwater harvesting unit includes four 9000-litre tanks and a catchment with concrete flooring. Murr Village will receive two units, one for the community and one for their local primary school. The catchment can be used as a shelter, a community hall, a marketplace, or an additional classroom when built at the school ground. The construction of the rainwater harvesting units mobilized the community, who worked with the contractors to install the first unit in the center of the village, and the second unit will be constructed at the primary school.

Access to clean and safe water is crucial for communities in the South Fly, especially during long dry seasons that result in critical water shortages. Communities often access water from unsafe sources that can lead to disease outbreaks. The installation of the rainwater harvesting units in Murr Village will help to decrease health issues and improve access to safe water supply for the community, including women and children. After the completion of the installation in Murr Village, other selected communities in the South Fly will also receive similar facilities this year.

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