Kumuls legends team announced


Kumul No.67 Arebo Taumaku has been named in the PNG Kumuls legends to take on the Brisbane Broncos Legends this Saturday August 31, 2019 at the Oil Search National Football Stadium in Port Moresby.

Also in the side are his DCA team mates Kumul No. 95 Dairi Kovae, who with Arnold Krewanty (105) had stints with the Newcastle Knights in late 1980s and Kumul No.107 Mea Morea.

PNGRFL Chairman Sandis Tsaka said former NRL stars Marcus Bai (176) and John Wilshire (186) will lace on their boots on Saturday. Recently retired Larsen Marape (238) will also be playing.

Tsaka said the team, mostly Port Moresby based have been in training for the past three weeks under coach Richard Wagambie and Michael Marum.

“The interest and passion shown by these former Kumuls has been overwhelming,” Tsaka said.

“They were household names in their era and I invite everybody to come to the Oil Search National Football Stadium on Saturday and see these legends replay their skills against a star Broncos legends side,” Tsaka said. 

The 25-man team (Kumul No. in brackets) is:

1. Kepi Saea (100) 

2. Joshua Kouru (139) 

3. Ipisa Wanega (116) 

4. George Kele * 

5. Paul Gela * 

6. Rodney Pora (219) 

7. Johnson Kiuke (240)  

8. Steven Kale* 

9. Vicky Moses * 

10. Richard Kambo (243) 

11. Larsen Marape (238) 

12. Karo Pat*  

13. Siegfred Gande *

14. Gimapau Keimelo (210) 

15. Robert Volu* 

16. Andrew Norman (195) 

17. John Wilshere (186) 

18. Marcus Bai (176) 

19. Alex Haija (242) 

20. Leonard Tarum* 

 21. Mea Morea (107) 

22. Dairi Kovae (95) 

23. Arebo Taumaku (67) 

24. Gideon Kaouru (103) 

25. Tuksy Karu (147)

Richard Wagambie (142) – Coach

*denotes: Represented PNG in unsanctioned RLIF games

“Wagambie and legends like Arnold Krewanty (105), Michael Marum (197), Mark Mom (184), Stanley Tepend (198) and others may make surprise appearances on Saturday, such is the passion shown by these former great players,” Tsaka said.

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