Leadership program inspires change for Women in AROB


As we celebrate International Womens Day, Women in the law and justice sector from remote locations of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville (ARoB) are now empowered to make a difference in serving communities.

This follows a recent leadership and management training in Buka on modern workplace practices and etiquette, technology and public speaking.

Learning to work as a team to promote governance and discipline was a key aspect of the leadership and management course. 

Village court officer Aidah Kiha, Police Officer Michaeline Kouro and Correctional Services Warden Rebecca Bako, alongside other women leaders are more confident in displaying leadership and promoting good governance in their workplaces.

For Ms Kiha, whose high school education was affected by the Bougainville conflict, the leadership and management course has empowered her to instill discipline and pride in her team.

“Nau mi save miting wantaim ol wokmanmeri blong mi na tokim ol long kam long wok long taim na mekim gutpla wok na noken kisim pei nating,” she said in Tok Pisin. (I now run meetings with my work-people. I tell them to be punctual, and also to earn their wages; not get paid for doing nothing.)

Ms Bako, whose education had also been disrupted by the crisis, is utilizing tools from the course to lift performance and be a good role model. She is proud that the change in her is apparent to colleagues and family.

Ms Kouro on the other hand, who has served ARoB’s Bana district as a police officer for 16 years, is now more conscious of the public’s perception of her as a public official and advocate of law and order.

Speaking in Tok Pisin, she says, “Mi mas tritim ol client blong mi wantaim rispek na givim gutpla sevis long ol. Displa em wanpla bikpla samting mi lainim long displa trening mi kisim.” (I must treat my clients with respect and serve them well. This is a major learning outcome for me from the training).

The leadership and management course was supported by the PNG-Australia Partnership, as part of the commitment to empowering women to bring about change in their communities.

Feature Pic: L-R (back): Aidah Kiha, Michaeline Kouro and Rebecca Bako (front) are proudly leading the transformation of their work culture.

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