Better internet for PNG on the way


Better internet in PNG is one step closer with installation of the new Coral Sea Cable system commencing today.

Over 4,700km of cable will be laid on the ocean floor from Port Moresby to Honiara and Sydney, with work to be completed in late 2019. The underwater fibre optic cable will provide significantly faster internet to PNG when completed. With a capacity of up to 20 terabits the new cable is 20,000 times the capacity of the current APNG cable to Sydney.

The new Coral Sea Cable has the potential to unlock new opportunities for growth and connectivity across PNG. Businesses will be able to access new markets, students will be able to access new learning opportunities, and Papua New Guineans will be connected to the rest of the world in a way that has never before been possible.

Australia is partnering with Papua New Guinea across a range of sectors to invest in key economic infrastructure such as the Coral Sea Cable system. This will support improved productivity and growth while supporting better access to services.

The Coral Sea Cable System project is a tangible symbol of Australia’s enduring partnership with Papua New Guinea as well as our shared commitment to supporting growth and prosperity in the region.

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