World Vision launch Pikinini Defenders Campaign


World Vision in Papua New Guinea and its partners in the Pikinini Defenders Alliance on Friday 20 September, launched the Pikinini Defenders Campaign.

The campaign is to support the Government of Papua New Guinea in it’s development aspirations regarding the protection and prevention of all forms of violence against children.

It also aims to garner the support of the Government and that of other relevant stakeholders to commit and invest in the prevention and response to all forms of violence against children in PNG.

World Vision stated that “every little Papua New Guinean has the right to a life without violence. PNG needs more Pikinini Defenders who are full time Child Protection Officers and Volunteers to end violence against children and move forward as a great nation.”

“It is time to make Child Protection our first priority. Children in PNG need more Pikinini Defenders.”

The Pikinini Defenders Alliance is made up of members from World Vision, Save the Children, ChildFund, PNG Tribal Foundation, Equal Playing Field, Cheshire Disability Services PNG, UNICEF, and the PNG Council of Churches.

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