PNG YWAM personnel receive training aids


YWAM Medical Ships Australia & Papua New Guinea (YWAM MS) whilst continuing its critical healthcare to PNG’s remote communities, is also delivering much needed training in ensuring the PNG workforce on board are highly skilled to serve the rural communities.

YWAM MS works in partnership with Australian registered training organisations, to deliver training that combines classroom learning with practical experience as well as character development.

One of YWAM MS’ training programs is a Rural Health and Advanced First Aid course. The course focuses on training First Aid responders who are skilled in emergency response in a variety of settings.

TraumaSim Group, an Australian manufacturer of realistic training aids for emergency response preparedness training, is supporting YWAM MS’ training by donating a variety of training aids. The realism in training and the vision for a future that delivers medical and first aid training using realistic simulation and practical aids is giving PNG nationals serving on board the ship a hands-on learning experience that enable them to obtain the skillsets that will ultimately save lives around the world.

Rural Health and Advanced First Aid course leader, Hannah Peart, said that the training aids donated from TraumaSim will greatly help students in their level of preparedness before entering the field.

“We are always looking for creative ways to simulate wounds, injuries, and medical conditions that may come up in an emergency situation. The training aids are incredibly realistic, and will really help prepare students respond in a real-life situation. We are so grateful for TraumaSim’s support,” said Hannah.

TraumaSim have donated a variety of medically accurate task trainers, including Haemostatic Clotting Trainers and Emergency Tourniquet Trainers.



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