Paradise Company appoints full time Company Chaplain


Paradise Company, Parent Company of Laga Industries and Paradise Foods have announced the appointment of a new Company Chaplain, Pastor Israel Arua.

Mr. James Rice, CEO of Paradise Company, said in a statement “I am pleased to announce the appointment of Pastor Israel Arua as Company Chaplain for Paradise Company.” Mr Rice quoted An American politician, Dr. Ben Carson, who once said “When we have done our best, we also have to learn that we still need to rely on God. Our best, no matter how good, is incomplete if we leave God out of the picture.” 

Rice continued, “Yet Paradise Company is not going to leave God out of the picture, because Christian values are an important part of Papua New Guinea culture and should be part of our daily life at work. That’s why we announced the creation of this new position, Company Chaplain. Paradise Foods Ltd., is the first non-government employer in PNG to create a full-time Chaplain position, though it is common in the country’s defense force and police force. ”

Pastor Israel is an ordained and practicing Pastor recently with Christian Outreach Centre (COC) in both field and administrative ministry for more than 20 years. 

“I am humbled to be offered this new and exciting role with Paradise Foods. I look forward to initially meeting all staff here in Port Moresby and Lae and assisting them with difficulties in their work and private life and other challenges we face in our daily lives” said Pastor Israel.

According to Paradise Foods, this is a new role to the company and aligns with Prime Minister, James Marape’s vision to make Papua New Guinea – “the richest, black Christian nation”. 

Rice anticipates that this trusted role will provide a way for their employee’s to seek guidance, counselling, mentoring and advice on any issue they may be facing in the work place or home life.

“This demonstrates another commitment I have made to ensure Paradise Company creates the safest and most desired working environment as we strive to become the most preferred employer in the country. Through developing our staff to their fullest we assist in building capability and productively across PNG.” Said Rice

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