Agarobe aligns Central Province COVID-19 plans


Central Governor Robert Agarobe through a statement said the Provincial Executive Council has met to align the Province with the National Government’s plans. 

Agarobe said “As a responsible provincial government our first priority is to protect the lives of our central people and to do that our PEC have agreed to shut down all our main highways leading into NCD”

The provincial highways identified by the governor are as follows:

  • Hiritano highway
  • Magi Highway
  • Sogeri road
  • Porebada, papa, lealea road
  • Central Gulf highway border

Movement between villages has been resticted and no vehicles are allowed on the roads unless for medical reasons or are authorised.

In addressing the impacts on the informal sector, Agarobe has made a demand to the governor of NCD to hand over either Boroko market or Koki market on a permanent arrangement to the Central Provincial Government.

“We then use our own market to whole sale our food to the NCD buyers and not bumped around and harrased like strangers all around port Moresby.” Agarobe contiued. “All our schools have now been closed for their first term holidays and will remain closed until further advise.”

“Our COVID-19 team will be moving around the province to carry out or awarness so please cooperate with them to have a good understanding of this virus and how we need to manage and eradicate it.” He concluded.

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