New Emergency Order in place as 5 new cases announced by PM


SOE Controller David Manning announced this afternoon new Emergency Orders of a Curfew now in place for NCD, Central and Western Provinces from 8pm to 6am from 16 to 30 April. Public gatherings have been banned and only certain markets will remain open.

Prime Minister Marape gave details of the 5 new PNG cases as follows:

  • 12 year old male – Western Province
  • 30 year old male – Western Province
  • Adult female – Western Province, age is unknown
  • 42 year old female – NCD
  • 37 year old male – East New Britain

PM Marape, in urging all PNG citizens to remain calm, said “Stop worrying and start seriously practicing the health messages we have been advocating. If you faithfully observe these instructions you will protect yourself and your family and stop the spread of COVID-19.”

Marape reiterated that these prevention health messages include:

1.Washing your hands
2. Covering your mouth with our elbow when coughing
3. Not touching you mouth, nose and eyes
4. Practicing social distancing
5. Don’t go to crowded places and
6. If you have no reasons to move around please Stay home.



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