Lae City Hand Up Program takes positive steps forward


As the world and PNG still struggles with COVID-19, it also has to adjust to the unfortunate circumstances that have come about by this pandemic. One city leading the way in ingenious innovations is Lae City.

The Lae City Hand Up Program (LCHUP) is an initiative of the Lae City Authority (LCA) in response to adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on livelihoods of people in Lae, the surrounding six wards and Ahi Rural.

“The LCHUP is an opportunity to build dignity and a sense of value to members of the community who have had their livelihoods disrupted by COVID 19, whether it was through formal losses of jobs, reduced hours, or those who have had their table markets restricted through COVID-19 related restrictions.” as stated by Acting Chairman of the LCHUP Board, Ivan Pomaleu.

The first project which has started, is the beautification of the city’s roundabouts which will be managed by the Friends of the Garden City of Lae who aim to complete the project in two weeks. 25 community workers who have had their income impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic now have an opportunity to work and earn an allowance to sustain their livelihoods in the city through these projects.

The Lae City Authority (LCA) will start several projects at the Eriku Sports Oval giving it a facelift which includes the Basketball and Volleyball courts and the Eriku bus stop and overhead bridge.

LCHUP is supported by the LCA, Australian Consulate-General Lae, PNG-Australia Governance Partnership Program, Grow PNG, Morobe Provincial Government, Westpac PNG and the LCCI.

According to LCA, There are no agents or fees to register for this program. For more information contact the Lae City Authority.

Photo Credit: Lae Open Electorate Facebook page

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