Madang Tourism Industry Association aims to restore Madang’s image


The Madang Tourism Industry held their second meeting at the Madang Lodge on Wednesday. Moving forward each fortnightly meeting of the newly formed Madang Tourism Industry Association (MTIA) will be at the various hotels and guest houses whom make up the industry members in the Madang Province.

The meeting was chaired by the Interim Chairman, Sir Peter Barter who advised members that all correspondence has been sent to the various organizations in accordance with the resolutions made at the first meeting held at the Madang Resort on 1st July. Sir Peter advised the 16 members present that it was perhaps to early to get responses, but a follow up would take place as the issues raised and not only important for Madang, but tourism generally throughout PNG.

Those issues included the establishment of Reserve Tourist Police, funding of the Madang Tourist & Visitors Bureau through the possible sharing of GST collected at hotels along with restoring the Madang Visitors & Cultural Bureau (MV&CB) to serve its function of developing and promoting tourism, the need to improve roads within the township and villages to enable access for visitors and of course the people.

Emphasis was made on developing a provincial plan for tourism in conjunction with the National, Provincial and Local Level Governments, identifying existing attractions as well as potential attractions that could be developed in the future and ultimately encouraging the Madang people to develop sightseeing tours in a scheduled basis which would only be possible if the volume of visitors increased following the restrictions currently in place due to COVID-19.

The function of the MTIA is to firstly promote Madang as a destination, but allow each of the members to promote their individual services primarily at this time to the local PNG market, many of the members have already reduced charges by 50% on the services provided making it an attractive alternative to remaining locked down in the Port Moresby and larger cities.

Sir Peter also thanked Air Niugini for introducing “Travel Package Agreement” which would be made available to hotels and tour operators to market their own packages with lower airfares that would be affordable. He said that whilst they appreciate the efforts of Air Niugini promoting packages throughout PNG, each of the hotels have markets or services the could better sell direct and this agreement will enable both Air Niugini and the hotels to mutually benefit.

The meeting they confirmed the name of the Association would be called the Madang Tourist Industry Association which would be entirely funded by the Members themselves. A website is currently also being developed.

Feature Pic: Members of the Madang Tourism Industry Association (MTIA) Credit: Melanesian Tourist Services

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