Paradise Foods make commitment to Esa’ala, Milne Bay Cocoa supply


Deputy PM and Member for Esa’ala, Hon Davis Steven was delighted to host Paradise Foods Group CEO, Mr James Rice on Friday 14th of August 2020 at the Sir Buri Kidu Haus

Though short and low-key, the meeting signified a historic milestone for the people of Esa’ala and also Milne Bay Province in general in that Paradise Foods Limited has confirmed their interest to purchase regular 20 foot containers worth of cocoa from Esa’ala district on a set schedule that can be further supplemented by suppliers from the rest of the farmers in Milne Bay Province.

Paradise Foods currently purchase up to 10 metric tons a month from 8 provinces across PNG, this also includes Milne Bay Province. It is this government’s prerogative to ensure that we assist Paradise Foods in their target to purchase 200 metric tonnes a month by the end of 2021.

Mr Rice confirmed Paradise Food’s commitment to purchase one 20 foot container full of cocoa from Esa’ala District, bi-weekly or monthly depending on availability of shipping to Alotau or Port Moresby.

Paradise Foods is looking forward to open up this opportunity for the rest of Milne Bay Province cocoa growers to also benefit to allow for the creation of a better Milne Bay Province.

With the upcoming schedule of flights to begin in the Esa’ala district in the near future. The Deputy Prime Minister and his district plan on inviting Mr James Rice and the team from Paradise Foods to travel into Esa’ala and then onto Milne Bay Province to witness for themselves the potential it has to offer the rest of PNG, and the world.

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