Workshop to address sorcery related violence in Enga launched


“Inap na stopim pasin blo accusim meri long sanguma wok, emi no way blong ol pipol blo Enga lo stretim heavy.” A statement shared by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Justice and Attorney General, Hon Davis Steven MP at the launch a very important workshop that will try to address sorcery related violence and killings at Sari Catholic Parish in Enga Province on Monday 17th August 2020.

Mr Steven thanked the Engan Governor for the invitation on behalf of the other dignitaries.

The importance of the workshop, and with its launch will be an opportunity for the Justice Department to talk to the front-line village court officials from all over the province to sensitize the topic of Sorcery Accusation–Related Violence (SARV) and equip the front-liners with the necessary skill-sets to handle the increased prevalence of SARV cases in the province.

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