NMSA Promotes Safety at Sea


The National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA) has started a campaign on safety at sea by issuing lifejackets throughout the 15 maritime provinces.

The Authority so far has handed over a total of 500 lifejackets to the Morobe Small Craft Registry which will then be distributed to boat operators and owners who come forward to register their boat in the Province. The life jackets distributed throughout the 15 maritime province is given for free by NMSA and not for sale.

NMSA Small Craft Safety Officer for the Mamose region, Willie Kolip said: “NMSA’s donation of these lifejackets shows the Authority’s ongoing commitment towards safety at sea. The Authority is willing to assist all the 15 maritime provinces to supply safety equipment such as life jackets as an incentive to boat operators & owners for safe travel.”

Apart from distribution of life jackets to the provinces, NMSA is also looking at other possible sea safety equipment to distribute to assist provinces in the implementation of the small craft Act. Therefore, NMSA is calling on those maritime provinces who haven’t established their boards to do so and establish one, who can be able to make better decisions for our local people traveling long distance using banana boats.

Feature Pic: Pictured passengers including boat skippers and crew taking off from Voco Point, Lae to Finschhafen with the newly issued lifejacket. Credit: NMSA

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