NCC launches 29 cultural festivals


The National Cultural Commission has registered and launched over 20 cultural festivals so far throughout the country.

The latest inclusion was the Mountain M Festival in Banz, Jiwaka Province, last weekend.

Mountain M Festival now brings to a total of 29 cultural festivals throughout the country that have been launched so far since 2019 under the new Executive Director of Commission, Steven Enomb Kilanda.

“There is another one coming up in Simbu Province this week and we are still looking at more and the number will surpass the 100 mark,” Mr Kilanda said.

The registration and launching of cultural festivals was in line with the mandate of the commission to protect and safeguard PNG’s cultural heritage and promote it as a major tourism product.

Mr Kilanda said NCC has also been partnering with provincial governments and district development authorities to jointly support the hosting and staging of the festivals and in the country.

Like any other Papua New Guinean culture, Mountain M festival showcased its vibrant heritage in a true Jiwaka style and spirit in Banz last week.

An elated Mr Kilanda, who opened the festival, thanked the local MP Hon Fabian Pok for his financial support of K10,000 towards the hosting of the festival.

“It is about time we work in partnership to support and sustain community base economy for a better tomorrow through such cultural programs,” he said.

Mr Kilanda, on behalf of the new Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Hon Walter Schnaubelt, committed K10,000 towards the festival and further declared Blessed Peter ToRot Sigiri Primary School as the first culture promoting school in the country. He also pledged K5,000 to the school.

He said the National Cultural Commission would continue to work closely with the Jiwaka Provincial Government, the North Waghi District Development Authority and the local level government to promote culture.

Mr Kilanda thanked and commended all the stakeholders involved in the successful host of the first Mountain M Festival and urged them to continue to work together.

“Such initiatives taken by the community will benefit every household. It’s always the first impression that counts the most so let’s cooperate and host this event successfully always in the years to come,” he said.

Mountain M cultural festival will now be showcased from the 14th to the 16th of September every year.

Feature Pic: Mr Kilanda presenting the Registration Certificate to the Chairman of the Mountain M Festival Mr James Gesing as Sigiri primary school teachers Mrs Turi and Mrs Kip, and community leader Mr Titus Pakam witness the presentation in their traditional regalia. Credit: NCC

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