Immunisation program progressing well


Immunisation program reaches more than 25,000 children

More than 25,000 children across the country have been protected against vaccine-preventable diseases this year through a program to improve provincial immunisation coverage.

The Accelerating Immunisation and Health Systems Strengthening (AIHSS) program delivers health patrols to remote areas to deliver vital health services such as immunisation.

The patrols are delivered in collaboration with Provincial Health Authorities, which have been key to its success.

The AIHSS program is expected to reach 12 provinces this year and by 2022 aims to reach more than 415,000 infants.

It is an initiative of the PNG Government and supported by the Governments of Australia and New Zealand, and Gavi the Vaccine Alliance, with technical support from World Health Organisation (WHO) and UNICEF.

Australian High Commissioner Jon Philp said Australia is committed to working in partnership with Papua New Guinea to support the delivery of vital health services.

“All children deserve the opportunity to grow up healthy and fulfil their potential,” he said.

“This year the Papua New Guinea-Australia Partnership has supported thousands of Papua New Guinean children to be protected against preventable diseases, including tuberculosis, hepatitis B, polio and measles.”

“The PNG-Australia Partnership is committed to strengthening health systems to improve the health and well-being of all Papua New Guineans.”

When completed, immunisation coverage is expected to increase to at least 80 per cent – the rate recommended by the WHO to reduce illness, disability and death from preventable diseases.

Feature Pic:Florence from South Fly, Western Province, makes sure her six-month-old is protected from preventable diseases.



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