Afore farmers receive freight support for Coffee bags


Logistics is an ongoing burden for all rural farmers in getting their produce and raw products into urban centers.

Afore coffee farmers from the Ijivatari district in the Oro province who make up the Siribu Coffee Cooperative were faced with the expensive task of getting 280 bags of coffee from the village to Popondetta wharf and then transported onto the Lae main wharf.

Thanks to the Coffee Industry Corporation’s (CIC) Freight Surety Scheme the farmers were able to be assisted with freight costs in transportation of the beans. The scheme ensures that the farmers will be able to get their bags of coffee to be properly processed at a coffee mill in Lae and the products can be properly sold or exported.

CIC Freight Surety Scheme Coordinator, Cornelius Mek was in Lae this week assisting the farmers from Afore in also getting the coffee bags properly processed and clearance given before transportation to the mill.

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