National Government acknowledges importance of e-commerce


The National Government is aware of the contribution e-commerce can make towards expanding domestic commerce, diversifying PNG’s economy and promoting exports of the country’s products.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Trade Hon. Soroi Eoe acknowledged PNG’s development partners such as the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS), MSG Secretariat, European Union who have assisted with the national e-commerce assessment for PNG. This assessment provides baseline data and information that will feed into the national policy process on how the government can move forward with e-commerce in country, in the region and at the international level.

E-commerce complements current efforts to address some of the binding constraints that countries faces with conducting trade in a modern global economy.

E-commerce is an important source of employment giving opportunity to individuals and MSMEs, who are in the most remote parts of the world to connect to markets and therefore can play an important role in PNG’s economic development.

Addressing the constraints to e-commerce development in a comprehensive and coherent manner covering policy and legislation, trade facilitation and logistics, institutional and physical infrastructure and human resource capacity issues is crucial to fully benefitting from it.

PIFS with its partners are currently in the process of developing a regional E-commerce Strategy and Roadmap which will set regional actions to promote digital trade readiness based on developed national and regional E-commerce Assessments report.

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