Halia Constituency Independence-Ready


The Halia Constituency in the Buka District is now the third constituency in North Bougainville to launch its Constituency Independence Ready program. ABG Member for Halia and Vice President of Bougainville, Patrick Nisira officially launched the program at Ketskets village on Friday 16th April.

Nisira in his address to the people of Halia, explained that the Bougainville Independence Mission is being driven by the people’s 97.7% vote for independence.The main approach the government is taking to ensure all individuals are prepared for independence.

Stating “The mindset to be an independent country actually starts with the individuals.”

He said that the benchmarks that have been set under the Bougainville Independence Mission program will set the basis for development at the ward and constituency levels.

The program was attended also by ABG Minister for Bougainville Independence Mission, Ezekiel Masatt.

In his address to the people, Masatt emphasized strongly the individual Bougainville responsibility to work hard and actualize Bougainville’s aspiration for independence.

“At this time, the most simplest mandate for us is to practicalise the decision for independence,” Masatt said.

He said that at the time of the referendum, Bougainvilleans had the choice to vote for either greater autonomy or independence, and 97.7% of the voting population voted for independence, therefore the responsibility not only falls on the government of the day to actualize independence for Bougainville, but it falls on all individual Bougainvilleans as well.

Following the launching, the Halia Constituency established their Constituency Independence-Ready Committee which will be driven by the Halia Community Government.

The Committee was also inducted on the Bougainville Independence Mission and will now conduct community consultations and lead the preparatory ground work for the independence-ready program.

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