Agriculture Price Support Program continues


The K50 million Price Support Program under the Agriculture and Livestock department will be seeing a major roll out on price support for Cocoa.

Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Hon. John Simon commended Prime Minister Hon. James Marape for showing his confidence in the growth in Agriculture and livestock development.

The K50 million Price Support Program was officially launched in November 2020 with each commodity boards receiving funding accordingly.

Price Support Break-Up
Coffee Industry K10 million
Cocoa Industry K10 million
Copra Industry K4 million
Rubber Industry K2 million

Effective Intervention Programs
Oil Palm Industry K2 million
Spice Industry K1 million
Livestock Development K6 million
Fresh Produce Industry K3 million
Rice Industry K5 million

Other interventions K5 million

This includes intervention for investment where lead farmers will be identified; a Tripartite agreement will be drawn up between lead farmers, respective commodity boards and DAL for this part of the program).

Administration Components K2 million

To date two out of nine industries (Rubber and Copra) have officially launched Price support for their respective crops. This has now pushed prices for Rubber from K1 to K2 while white Copra is now being bought at K3 per kilo.

Minister Simon said the K50 million Price Support Program is a strategy to fulfill the vision of the Marape led government; he said the Agriculture and Livestock department is a sleeping giant that needs to be awakened and what better way to do it then motivating the very people at the foot of this ‘sleeping giant’.

Mr Simon said at the moment prices of crops vary however there needs to be a base price where farmers are encouraged.

Minister Simon adding his focuss is also on ensuring a base price on the following crops;

Commodity Base Price: Price after Support
Cocoa K2.50 (Wet bean price) K3.00
Coffee Cherry K1.50 K2. 00
Rubber K1.50 K2.00
Copra K1.40 K2.00

Coffee Parchment
(Arabica) K5.50 K6.00
(Robusta) K5.00 K5.50

Minister Simon has also noted there needs to be collaboration with District through counter-funding where members will identify collaborative work based on their district plans and priorities. Also emphasis is placed on commodities produced in larger volume in their districts.

Photo: Minister Simon speaking to vendors at Munji market in the East Sepik Province, about the Cocoa Price Support roll out.



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