Fields replaced with coffee gardens in Wabag district


The National Government’s Covid-19 stimulus package price incentive support which saw the coffee industry receive up to 10 million kina is getting the desired impact with an increase if coffee farming activities especially in the highlands region.

For the region it is this time of the year when coffee is in season and for rural areas, this is the “bread winning season,” as coffee guarantees income for most families. The price support initiative by Government to increase coffee prices at K6 per kilogram for parchment coffee has encouraged villagers to once again give attention back to their coffee gardens.

What used to be tribal fighting areas are now being cleared to make ready for new coffee plots. One such village is Birip in Wabag district in Enga province. Having already started work on a Coffee nursery project, the project was initiated by the Wabag District Development Authority headed by local MP and Minister for Fisheries and Marine resources Hon. Dr. Lino Tom.

The increased incentive is already being seen at Wabag township on a Friday at the coffee markets when small holder farmers travel in as far as Ambum, Kompiam and Aiyal valley and the surrounding communities to sell their parchment coffee at the buying deport owned by the local co-orperative society.



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