Lae City experiencing impressive progress


Lands & Physical Planning Minister and Lae MP, Hon. John Rosso was sworn in today confirming him as the Chairman of the Lae City Authority (LCA) in Lae.

Minister Rosso at the swearing in explained the importance of the passing of the 20% GST remitted back to Lae City Authority by the Morobe Provincial Government. With the current Funding of Lae City at K10 Million (DSIP) annually, the 20% GST translated would now bring in an additional K28 Million to LCA to enhance Service Delivery and at the same time enrich the Municipal Services of Lae City.

MP Rosso acknowledged the support of Morobe Governor Saonu which has enabled LCA to embark on a number of Key Projects within Lae City that include:

  1. Lae City Light Up Solar Project
  2. East Taraka Road & Market Redevelopment
  3. Bumbu Bridge to Malahang Road Rehabilitation
  4. New Police Stations to be Built at West Taraka, 3 Mile
  5. Other Significant projects to be Identified and Developed as time goes by.

The positive developments and improvement of services delivered to a city that is still a critical manufacturing hub to the nation is only possible through a collaborative Team Effort by Governor Saonu, Lae MP Rosso, Lae City Lord Mayor Hon James Khay (Deputy LCA Chairman), Lae Urban Ward Councilors, Ahi President Hon Malcom Kalo and respective Community Leaders of Lae City.

Governor Saonu said with the support to Lae City, he aims to develop the city better to attract more investors to come and make business in Lae to achieve the dream of Morobe Province becoming the economic capital of Papua New Guinea.

The Governor for Morobe intends to increase the funding allocations to LCA as the revenue streams of the Province are properly managed. The prominence given to Lae being the face of the Province will impact the positive growth of the Province as a whole.

Governor Saonu said he aims to work more closely with the Lae MP to realise the potential of Lae to increase its growth to a stage where development is on par with NCD.



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