IDDA Purchase Medicine for Ijivitari District


Northern Pharmaceutical Limited received payment last week to procure much needed medicine for Northern Province’s Ijivitari District health centres and aid posts by Ijivitari MP, Hon. Richard Masere.

During the cheque presentation to the General Manager of Northern Pharmaceutical Limited, Hon Masere stated that the Ijivitari District Development Authority has focused its efforts during this term of Parliament to better the quality of health and improve the ailing infrastructures of all its health facilities within the District.

To further compliment their efforts, they have included the purchase of the basic medicines such as antimalarial, antibiotics and paracetamol, as well as other pharmaceutical drugs, which will be distributed to the health facilities within the District.

Northern Pharmaceutical Ltd, GM, Shaun Babao said the medicines will be procured from a reputable supplier in Australia to ensure the medicines meet the standards set by the Department of Health and the World Health Organisation.

Northern Pharmaceutical Limited will work very closely with the Northern Provincial Health Authority (NPHA) so the distribution will be done correctly and within the guidelines set by NPHA. Mr Babao also thanked the Hon. Member for supporting local owned businesses in PNG that have been hard hit by the downturn in the global economy as a result of the coronavirus health pandemic.



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