Bougainville Women’s Federation receive Technology support


Australia   has   gifted   three   new   laptops   to   the   Bougainville   Women’s Federation (BWF), increasing connectivity and strengthening support to regional and district women’s organisations.

BWF President Priscilla Bisiro and other leaders were all smiles in Buka earlier this month when the Australian High Commission’s Annie Hildebrand handed over the devices.

As the BWF continues to expand, the laptops will provide much-needed support to members to connect with and coordinate BWF programs with regional offices in North, Central and South Bougainville.

Priscilla Bisiro said the laptops would enhance the work of women leaders at the district level.

“The BWF will now be able to keep proper records for each BWF district women’s association and the three BWF regional offices as well,” she said.

Helen Siumana, BWF North Regional Office Vice President, was also at the handover ceremony and said access to technology would help to develop computer literacy among members, enhance skills development and facilitate more flexible working arrangements.

“BWF Women leaders at the District level will be fortunate to organise work at their own level and also benefit from learning new skills, such as PowerPoint presentations,” she said.

“Having access to laptops means meetings with the peak body executives can be held via [online video conference platforms] Zoom and Webex, instead of travelling all the way to Buka.”

Photo Caption: Priscilla Bisiro (third from right) and BWF representatives at the handover ceremony with AHC representative Annie Hildebrand (third from left).

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