PNGBUZZ Rugby League Round Review: June 5

By our PNGBUZZ Rugby League Expert


Intrust Super Cup

My, my, my. Despair, dismay and down right dismal. There’s probably a lot more descriptive language lambasted by this readership and the wider support from the showing of the Hunters in their round 12 loss of 48 to 8 at Dolphin Stadium, Redcliffe.

Poor contact and lack of technical effort in defense was evident as the Dolphins man-handled the lackluster-ed Hunters. Early indicators showed the Hunters had turned up this weekend to have a crack at a back-to-back effort, but that was short-lived as the Dolphins asserted their physical dominance over the entire Hunters team. 

The halves combination of Nicky Hasu and Justin Yoka were akin to elementary backyard footy.  They lacked direction, management and will to go forward. Ase Boas out in the right centers had minimal to no contribution for a player with a depth of leadership to command. Terry Wapi continued his ascension with exciting touches showing his durability in his first away game. Hunters best; Maki, Yei-Ketepa, Wapi and Captain Moses Meninga.  No answers to the many questions?


Port Moresby had a treat of Rugby League at the Oil Search National Football Stadium with the opening game between city hosts NCDC Port Moresby Vipers and defending premiers Bintangor Lahanis. Lahanis edging out the City boys in a scrappy match again lacking control and direction from both sides. Lahanis victors 20-18

Game two at the NFS was probably the best display of refereeing in a long while. The middleman called an honest ten meter defensive line  and was mostly consistent at this throughout the entire game. Wigmen, who eventually scored the only try of the match to seal a 10-4 win and grab their third straight win looked in control from the outset. Deemed a boring game as the referee asserted some control, both teams struggled to maintain an honest defensive line which proves that there needs to be more work at the clubs on technical aspects. 

Eagles clawed a gutsy but ridiculously managed game, which was frantic, desperate and frivolous. Karma caught up with the Isou this weekend. The referee inconsistently un-managed a game that lacked management anyway from both halves – in both teams. Mosley Tika and Manu Mikaive were the standouts for the Eagles while Jason Maima proved his craftiness and guile, aided by a consistent Rico Jimmy. Eagles 16-12 winners

In other Games, Kimbe Cutters went down to big brother Guria over at the Kalabond Oval, Kokopo 24-10. Snax Tigers maintained their dominance with a win over the Waghi Tumbe 36-24 and in Mendi the PRK Muruks bagged a second win over the Central Dabari 20-6.

State of Origin – Game 1

What type of preview would this be if we didn’t look at the biggest event on the Rugby League yearly calendar – SOO!

Game one will be all excitement and testing and feeling out but I assure you it will be ridiculously fast pace.  New South Wales have named the best possible starting side with James Tedesco at fullback and with Cody Walker, unquestionably the best five eighth of the past two seasons getting his debut. Flip-side Kaylan Ponga and Munster.

Crack your knuckles, shrug your shoulders, do your neck rolls and bring out your mental game plan before you pull up your chair and sit right down! This game will be all that it’s touted to be. NSW boasting some of the best talent in the NRL with Angus Crichton, Cameron Murray as well as Payne Haas, the man-mountain of a human being will surely be in the mind of the Qld coach.  

Qld will have that wily Qld spirit to that solid culture that will be ingrained into new blood in Moses Mbye, David Fifita and Joe Ofahengaue who are no pushovers who and will thrive off this spirit. Qld have opted for the ‘not mention them’ or NSW or anything to do with the people down South. A ploy? Mind management?  Plug in and watch this game.


Reminders to all; enjoy the product of SOO. It’s a game. It’s our game, but that’s all it is – a game.

Take care.

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