FIFA-MA Referee course underway in Lae


Further development is on horizon for match officials in PNG as 30 referees and assistant referees, including five referee instructors from across the country gather in Lae at the PNGFA Education Centre to up-grade their skills and understanding of the game, in particular new laws that have been introduced.

OFC/FIFA Referee Technical Instructor Rakesh Varaman and FIFA Fitness Instructor Kader Touati will be leading the 35 participants in the five-day course.

PNGFA President John Kapi Natto encouraged the 35 local referees to take advantage of the knowledge being delivered.

“I want you to use this to better equip yourself for our association, and for yourself.”

The course, which made up of theoretical and practical components is designed to help participants better understand the laws of game and it’s application.

OFC/FIFA Referee Technical Instructor Rakesh Varaman said the objective of the course was to improve each referee’s knowledge of the laws of the game, their skills in player management, fitness and mental discipline.

“Refereeing evolves, and to remain a referee you need to know football and understand the game,” Varaman said.

The course is particularly important due to the introduction of a number of new Laws of the Game this year.”

PNGFA President, John Kapi Natto said the course is timely for the association.

“This is very good timing for our association because our National Soccer League Premier Competition kick off next month.”

Feature Pic: OFC/FIFA Referee Technical Instructor Rakesh Varaman (centre) with the Port Moresby based referees



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