Tsaka re-elected as PNGRFL Chairman


Sandis Tsaka has been re-elected for another 3 year term as PNGRFL Chairman. Being at the helm of PNG Rugby League for the last 7 years, the majority of the rugby fraternity recognise the development and progress Rugby League has made both locally and on the international stage. Tsaka is also the Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Rugby League Confederation.

Regional elected representatives as follows

  • Robin Eveke is the new President for Northern after the passing of the late Rus Kaupa.
  • Nicholas Lyon was voted in as President for NGI.
  • Gwabo Mairi retains his seat as President for Southern
  • Joe Tokam retained his seat unopposed as President for the Highlands

The appointees were sworn in by Magistrate Philip Clive.

Feature Pic: Newly elected PNGRFL Representatives after their election today

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