Melanesian Cup 2022 training squad selected


The Basketball Federation of Papua New Guinea (BFPNG) has announced a 5×5 training squad for the Melanesian Cup scheduled for 2022, as selected by the Selection Panel from the trials held in Lae, Goroka and Port Moresby in December 2020.

Players who did not make the cut still have the opportunity to make the teams through their participation in other BFPNG national events in 2021. Associations have already been updated on the selection list and under the provisions in the Selection Policy, athletes have the right to appeal if they genuinely feel the need to do so.

The BFPNG Board has requested selectors to consider offshore based female players with PNG passports to add much needed experience and depth to the women’s team.

The Board has also requested selectors to expand the men’s squad to facilitate junior development and provide sufficient capacity in case some offshore players do not get PNG passports or in case of injury (given the lead time to May 2022).

Women’s Training Squad:

Louisa Wallace, Sherah Yawasing, Emily Koivi, Mary Cindy Elavo, Betty Angula, Dairy Rodney, Susan Paisoi, Lewa Hani, Jonita Warabe, Bianca Tuckayo, Hannah Kalua, Samantha Kitan, Helen Gewagau-Muri, Mary Arpa, Sabatina Henry, Normalisa Dobunaba, Lydia Gotuna, Elina Yala, Denienne Bray, Christine Oscar, Kylie Hane, Pauline Kamdring, Kalista Kotoveke, Ruby Ndranoh, Macra Muri, Nester Sape and Rosa Kairi.

Head coach: Moi Muri. A.Coach: Martha Aaron. Team Manageress: Christabella Amona

Men’s Training Squad:

Apia Muri, James Banduru Jnr, Moses Lune, Conillius Muri, Ryan Tetemo, Manasseh Moere, Anderson Hewe, Purari Muri, Gabriel Elavo, Alu Kave, Jordan Goasa, Matineng Leahy, Christian Pang, Lloyd Wright, Liam Wright, Michael Henry, Obert Mury, Joel Giali.

Head Coach: Ray Bonner A/coach: Ferdinand Daroya Team Manager: Nick Daroa

All athletes will recieve a selection letter and are advised to contact their coaches and team managers (TMs) for further information. BFPNG is working with the PNGOC, HPCE and other Sports Pandemic Committee to allow our Melanesia Cup preparations to commence and ramp up into full gear.

The 2021 Melanesia Cup basketball tournament set to be played in Fiji has been postponed due to the ongoing health pandemic.

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