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Evolution: The Video Game

Only the fittest can survive in nature! The same applies to Evolution: The Video Game. Inspired by a board game of the same, Evolution has now made its way on the Play Store. The goal, of course, is to adapt to the environment as quickly as possible and stay one step ahead of competing species. You can do so utilizing various strategies – developing a hard shell to protect yourself from carnivores or a long neck to reach tree leaves, for example.

Thousands of possible species combinations evolve from 17 unique trait cards and you can pit them against other players online or against tough adaptive AI opponents. No two games are ever the same, giving the game high replayability value. We also have to say that not all board games translate well to the digital medium, but this is not the case here. Evolution: The Video Game is one of the best board game adaptions around and it will provide hours of challenging fun.

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