Cyber-Security measures for Public Service


The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is now responsible for implementing digital government, shared services and cyber-security measures in public service and the broader industry.

This comes about through a determination by the NEC and DICT in alliance with the Office of Security Coordination & Assessment (OSCA) and other relevant stakeholders will implement the cyber-security exercise.

With the digital economy, and an increase in Government data being stored and transferred online via storage and communication systems such as email the department is advocating to all government agencies of the cybersecurity services offered at the National Cybersecurity Centre.

Secretary of the Department of Information and Communication Technology Mr Steven Matainaho said data is now a valuable commodity in the digital age and its protection from unlawful and malicious use is of increasing necessity. Hence, the need to protect national Sovereignty and Data in cyberspace is one of our top priorities.

Whilst the DICT is currently drafting a National Cyber Security Policy, Secretary Matainaho has requested all Departments and State agencies to be equipped with cyber security capabilities to avoid and counter cyber-attacks such as ransomware, web application injection, phishing and a host of other cyber security threats.

Mr Matainaho also reminded all agencies that specific shared services are offered under the NCSC, which their respective agency through the ICT division should subscribe to. These services currently include Endpoint Protection, Network Protection and Training.

Secretary Matainaho stating that NCSC also provides cybersecurity consultation to the Papua New Guinea Government and its agencies.

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