Digital Transformation Draft Bill Released For Public Consultation


The Digital Transformation Bill has been released for public consultation
as announced by the Minister for Information and Communications Technology Hon. Timothy Masiu last week.

When passed by the PNG Parliament, the Bill will introduce a much more coordinated and systematic approach in the procurement, deployment and the use of digital technologies within the public sector.

Minister Masiu said that it is time to get on with business and he has directed the Department of Information and Communication Technology to prepare and release the first draft of the Government Digital Transformation Bill 2021 on its website for public consultation. Minister Masiu has targeted the first quarter of the Parliament sitting in 2021 to take the Bill to Parliament.

Essentially the Bill will anchor the functions and powers of my Department of Information and Communication Technology as the Government’s ICT central coordinating agency. It will also provide for standards, specifications and guidelines on government digital infrastructure, digital services, data governance and all aspect of digital government across Whole of government.

All Government Departments will also be required by the Bill to have official websites using the government domain make public information accessible to citizens whilst maintaining classification of government data from Restricted Top Secret, Confidential and Open Public Data.

Mr Masiu encourage all ICT stakeholders and citizens to find time to maximize the benefits of technology to access the draft bill online and provide feedback.

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