Marape Government committed to fight corruption


Prime Minister Marape, at the launching of Transparency International PNG’s (TIPNG) 2020 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) in Port Moresby highlighted that the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) Bill passed in November 2020 shows his government’s commitment to addressing corruption.

In the 2020 CPI report, TIPNG highlighted that PNG scored 27 out of 100, with a ranking of 142 out of 180 countries assessed.

PM Marape has remained resolved to the statement made to the nation on May 30, 2019. In the statement, there was a commitment made for the government to deliver ICAC, Whistleblowers’ Act and all supporting legislation to ensure that fighting corruption is given full support.

PM Marape gave a reminder of former Prime Minister, Late Sir Mekere Morauta’s words in 1999, “corruption is systemic and systematic”.

He said the process of starting ICAC started in the late 1980s, but up to 2020, “nothing substantial” took place until he was able to muster sufficient political muscle to deliver it and the WhistleBlowers’ Act.

“This should signal to all observers in our country and the world that Papua New Guinea does not want to remain in the dark, old days but go into perpetual future where systems fight and eradicate corrupt practise. “ PM Marape said.

He said nations like Singapore, Finland, Denmark, New Zealand and Australia resolved to build systems to fight corruption which had led to economic growth.

PM Marape said PNG’s position on the current CPI could be bettered by being practical through passage of the Whistleblowers’ Act and ICAC.

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