Motiv8 Monday: Article 4: Leadership – #4 CELEBRATION

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Leadership #Celebration

This week I introduce the 4th pillar of my EBECAR Leadership principles – Pillar #4 – Celebration.

What do I mean? When you acknowledge your people’s success after they have completed a task well, it reinforces that longing of being accepted. People need the contribution to a task acknowledged. I call this CELEBRATION! 

In PNG we use the term – “LUKSAVE”  Which means “we see what you have done and therefore we will acknowledge this before others in appreciating you”.  This is what Celebration is.

When your subordinates complete a task you have assigned to them, as a leader you must find a reason to celebrate the satisfactory completion of the task. A good environment for this to take place is during your team meeting, staff meetings or annual awards. You choose what is appropriate and when.

One of the push backs I get when I offer this advice – it’s going to cost them money, we give them bonus already so why is it necessary?

Great question; remember our definition of leadership is influence. In celebration you are trying to gain influence over another human being, it’s not always about the money, in-fact in its most simplest from, human beings are looking for a place of acceptance, where they belong, not money. The kind words of “celebrating” the accomplishments, the sound of “a hand clap” goes deeper than money.

So, this week – get out there think of whom you need to lift up, and celebrate their success at the next team or staff meeting. Try it! It will do a long way.

Watch my full interview below with special guest Pastor Ben Hakalitz giving more insight into ‘Celebration’.

Next week we discuss the 5th and most challenging pillar of EBECAR.

Until next week!

Arthur C Tane

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