Motiv8 Monday: Leadership – #5 AUTHENTICATION

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Leadership #Authentication

This week I introduce to you Pillar #5 – Authentication in my EBECAR Leadership series.

Let me remind us again – Leadership is about influencing others to think like you, to behave like you and follow you. It’s about people rather than organisations or processes.

I have found through my own experience as a leader, I am charged to deliver my companies financial goals, which includes “beating my competition”. When one of my subordinates is recruited by competition – I become immediately defensive, alert, and I feel threatened. Another experience was, being replaced by another subordinate. I felt I had more to offer. 

Pillar #5 Discusses this sticky point

You see, in life and in business we are all expendable at some point. Even if you run your own business, you will die one day and do you want your business to flop? Heck No! A key element of any good business, organisation, community & social project is SUSTAINABILITY. The ability for the organisation, the program to continue without your support, your presence.

Dr. John Maxwell said this about an outcome of a leader – True Leaders achieve their goals through multiplication

So as I have to learn to overcome my human emotions – which we all have to handle and push through.  

What changed for me?

I accepted the following facts:

I am replaceable no matter where I go and what I do. 

my legacy, my influence will continue in and through the people that have been trained

I am a leader and my purpose is help grow people that I have charge over at each point in time throughout my life, to help them become better and take on what I have done to the next level

I am influencing other people through their success. 

I can influence people whom I have not even met!

This cycle will be repeated for them, so I must set a good example.

This is multiplication

Pillar #5 – Authentication means – the next time a subordinate gets promoted into your position, your role or leaves to join a competitor – don’t be threatened, celebrate with them, and send them off with well wishes offer your support. Maintain your friendships. We are all humans and we need each other. If someone asks about their credentials, recommend them, or as I say AUTHENTICATE their skills because guess what, they are a reflections of who you are as a leader.

Don’t be threatened – authenticate your people when they are ready to leave.

Until next week – go out and be an influence.

Arthur C Tane

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