Motiv8 Monday: Article 1: Leadership – #1 EXEMPLARY


Welcome to our first official Motiv8 Monday Article. I’m Arthur C Tane, and we begin with talking about Leadership.


Leadership has become more critical than ever in our communities, in our organisations, in our business and our nation. To prosper, to grow – positive leadership is required. I have learnt in my life journey that Leadership is defined as Influence. John Maxwell said – Leadership is simply Influence: If you are able to influence someone you can lead them. 

“The effectiveness of your work will never rise above your ability to lead and influence others. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, If you rate yourself as a 6. You cannot produce consistently on a higher level than your leadership. Your people will come and stop at 5 or match you at 6. In other words, your leadership skills determine the level of your success and the success of those around you.” – JCMaxwell

Leadership can be learnt

We are not born with leadership, it is a skill that can be learnt. Leadership can be developed. 

Starting today I want to share leadership skills that I have learnt from the numerous leaders I have had the privileged to work with over the last 30 years. 

EBECAR Influence Principles

I will be taking you through a leadership system that I have developed which I call the EBECAR Influence Principle.  So, if you are eager to develop your leadership skills and would like to increase your influence over the people around you – you have come to the right place.

EBECAR simply is an acronym created from the first letters of each of my six principles on how to influence people and to effectively lead them; 

#1 EXEMPLARY – The journey to become an influence – starts with you. Be exemplary – model the characteristics and the behaviours you want to see in your people. The ones entrusted to you. We all have heard this saying LEAD BY AN EXAMPLE. This must take root in your life consistently. 

One of the Leaders that oozed with this leadership characteristics, being an incredible EXAMPLE, (I confess – I modeled my Leadership around his) is – Pastor Komorah Salum.  

Leaders make you feel like you belong

He made me feel that I belong, I had a place in his workplace, in this case his ministry. So as a result, I put my roots down for 2 years and I grew as a person. 

How are you making the people who work with you feel? Do they feel like they belong in your department?

Next Week

Next week on PNGBUZZ Motiv8 Monday we talk about the second letter ‘B’ in EBECAR. 

Speak then!

Arthur C Tane

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