Equal Playing Field to host first youth leadership summit


Equal Playing Field (EPF) is set to host its first youth leadership summit in October, 2021 following a press conference for the initial launching on Monday 28 June at the Port Moresby Nature Park.

The summit will be entirely focused on open dialogues among established indvidual youth groups from three respective provinces; Western Highlands with 6 participants, Morobe with 7 participants and NCD with 12 participants. Through the summit, these young leaders will learn skills to better improve their projects and increase their networking platforms and relationship building with each other to better accomplish their project objectives.

Equal Playing Field’s country program manager Lucy Tia said this summit aims to create an avenue for the young men and women to get together and share ideas, information and discuss how they should strengthen their programs.

“Youths have the resources, the know-how skills and all they need is training to help them realise their potential to do more using what they have.” She said. 

“These youths have the potential and are already advocating on sensitive issues within their communities, issues that matter to them like gender-based violence and climate change.”

The United Nation’s Population Fund – EPF’s major partner for the summit was also present at the conference showing their support through their UN/European Union Spotlight Initiative program which focuses on social and economic development for women.

Steven Paniu, Assistant Representitive of UNFPA said that working with young people is the heart of UNFPA’s mandate.

“We recognise that the long term change we seek to support wether to achieve gender eqaulity, educating people on sexual and reproductive health, protecting the right to life and supporitng free and sustainable developments with adolescents and young people.” Said Mr Paniu.

“If young people are not provided the information, skills, expiriences and opportunities including for learning and employment, the challaneg we face as a nation will only be made worse. Paniu further adds.

The theme for the summit will be ‘strongim yut, strongim nasen’ and this means to give an opportunity to young people to learn and build themselves up instead of waiting for free handouts from agencies, donors and governments.

Equal Playing Field is a human and community development organisation who focuses on child protection and advocate on the fight against gender based violence with the belief that GBV is preventable.



  1. Its a good idea that we need to bring all young people to share their idea
    Iam one of the youths from ENBP and I’m intrest to join the summit
    How can i join


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