Air Niugini looking at Embraer aircraft


Managing Director of Air Niugini, Alan Milne said the airline is in the process of developing a fleet replacement plan for all its current fleet to ensure the airline is operating not only the most efficient, cost effective and reliable aeroplanes, but also fleet that continue to deliver the premium Air Niugini customer experience.

He said a special flight by Embraer’s E195-E2 aircraft to Port Moresby was made upon Air Niugini’s request. While it may be seen as a potential replacement for ANG’s Fokker fleet, Mr Milne said ANG is also looking at options from various manufacturers around the world.

Embraer’s E195-E2’s operating costs is 25% less than the Fokker, a massive cost saving for Air Niugini. It also has crew and training commonalities.

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