Programs aligned for better service at District level


Departmental Heads from Social and Law and Order Sector (SLOSH) agreed to work together to empower and improve the livelihoods of people at the district levels through the established District Community Development Centre (DCDC) Program.

The DCDC Program, initiated by the Department for Community Development and Religion (DFCDR) is the core business centre of the recently endorsed Policy for Integrated Community Development (PICD).

Department for Community Development and Religion Secretary Anna Solomon highlighted that government agencies have been working in isolation for too long at the Districts.

“When we are at the districts people need to see all of us together and they need to feel the presence of the government. And the DCDC program is the vehicle to channel those services down to the district levels.

“I am glad that the sector has recognised the centre that will house all of us, it’s not just the Department for Community Development and Religion.”

Secretary Solomon said this while chairing the third (3rd) Social and Law and Order Sector Departmental Heads Meeting at APEC Haus in Port Moresby yesterday (Thursday).

Chairman of the SLOSH and Secretary for the Department of Justice & Attorney General, Dr. Eric Kwa advised the sectoral heads that “instead of building our own facility, we will use the DCDC facility to narrow down our respective programs and services at the district or community levels.”

The DCDC building will have 50 office spaces, 20 to be used by the Department and its Ministry Agencies will also include a desk for Church Coordination as well desks for NGO coordination. 30 spaces will be occupied by respective officers from respective departments of the Social and Law and Order sector.

Some of the key agendas discussed in the meeting include; Policy for Integrated Community Development, Informal Economy and the Strategy on taking back Hela Province.

The team recognized that the Informal Economy sector can potentially contribute 12 billion Kina to the economy of the country.

Meanwhile, the Secretaries of the respective departments in the sector are happy to work together as a team under the established DCDC flagship program to deliver government services at the community level.

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