Bulolo emergency initiatives to continue: MP Basil


Bulolo District, the epicentre of the first confirmed Coronavirus case (COVID-19), will maintain its emergency vigilance for the next two months under the State of Emergency.

The District has set up checkpoints at Warabung and Snake Valley Turnoff. These checkpoints will be permanent fixtures for vehicles entering and leaving the Bulolo District.

That’s the position of the Bulolo District Development Authority and the Bulolo COVID-19 Emergency Response Team (CERT) announced at a press conference at Warabung on Tuesday 7 April 2020.

“Our checkpoint will become a normal part of travelling between Lae and Bulolo. We also wish to crackdown on illegal drugs, homebrew and overcrowding of PMVS and unsafe PMVs being on the Highway,” said Bulolo DDA Chairman Hon Samuel H Basil MP, backed by DDA Chief Executive Officer Mr Tae Guambelek and Bulolo CERT Coordinator Mr Peter Boyd.

Bulolo District Development Authority has established a Bulolo COVID-19 Emergency Coordination (CEC) Team and a COVID-19 Emergency Response Team (CERT) to manage a number of measures and programs.

The Bulolo Emergency Teams have made decisions aimed at preventing and containing the spread of coronavirus while ensuring that food and emergency supplies are maintained. Like many Districts, Bulolo advocates the need of aggressive testing for Covid-19 to be introduced shortly.

“First and foremost, we have to educate our people about the dangers of Covid-19 and provide awareness on measures to mitigate and minimize possible outbreaks,” said Mr Boyd, the CERT Coordinator.

Bulolo District is the biggest in Morobe Province and shares boundaries with the Huon Gulf and Menyamya Districts, as well as a provincial boundary with Central province and Boyd highlighted the effort involved in covering such a large area.

“Many areas within Bulolo are accessible only by plane or walking for many days and our awareness teams have done as much as possible with the limited time and resources available to them,” said Mr Boyd.

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