TRUKAI donates to POM Gen


TRUKAI Industries Limited has donated K10,000 towards Port Moresby General Hospital’s Cancer Unit after an awareness presentation at the company’s head office on Friday 30th October 2020.

Trukai Industries Limited had invited the hospital to give an awareness talk to its staff on breast cancer and other forms of cancer as part of the Pinktober initiative.

Clinical oncologists Dr. Priya Baskaran and Dr. Karthik Periasamy met with the staff and talked to them about breast, prostate and oral cancer which are the most common forms of cancer affecting many Papua New Guineans.

Dr. Baskaran said they were both happy to meet with the staff to create awareness on the different ways of preventing and treating cancer so that people can live happy lives.

She said screening for cancer is important so that people can know whether they have cancer or not.

Dr. Baskaran said they are working on a cancer registry but general figures put breast cancer cases at approximately 2,000 women per year while cervical cancer is over a thousand women per year.

Dr. Baskaran also presented on the different ways where women can do self-examination on their breasts to look for abnormal lumps.

Dr. Periasamy said whilst October is considered Pinktober month, November is considered as Movember, or men’s health and wellness month, and prostate cancer awareness generally gets the priority.

While discussing oral cancer, Dr. Periasamy said that some symptoms can include small ulcers on the surface of the tongue or a big lesion with bleeding or locally advanced disease.

The month of November is considered a prostate awareness cancer month.

Trukai Limited also gave their monthly donation of ten bags of 10kg rice bags that will go to the hospital’s kitchen.

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