Lae shops put on notice to dispose waste properly


With COVID-19 on the increase in PNG, sanitation and hygiene is paramount in the prevention and safeguard against the global pandemic. Lae City Authority is doing its bit to ensure that business houses particularly shops operating fast food outlets comply with health regulations and manage their waste disposal or have their trading licences revoked.

Lae City Authority (LCA) health inspectors following an eyewitness post on social media inspected a foreign owned shop at the Lae main market and found food wastes being disposed out into the nearby Works Compound residential area.

Such issues have been overlooked for many years and has become a norm for many of the kaibars and shops operating within the major urban towns and cities.

The LCA office in Lae is encouraging the public to report such violations directly through its office or via its social media page for actions to be taken against those businesses who are not complying with safety and health standards set out by authorities.

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