Fiji High Commission to relocate back to Fiji


High Commissioner of Fiji, H.E. Mosese Tikoitoga attended the Government House yesterday for a short farewell ceremony where gifts were exchanged and PNG-Fiji relations strengthened.

Governor General Sir Bob Dadae assured the Fijian High Commission that PNG will always have a place reserved to accommodate its fellow neighbors in the Pacific and he only sees this relocation as temporary.

High Commissioner Tikoitoga welcomed the Governor General’s remarks on behalf of his government and assured the PNG Government and the people that the relocation does not in any way effect the relationship between the two countries.

PNGBUZZ TV: Fiji High Commissioner H.E. Mosese Tikoitoga:

The COVID-19 crisis has hit tourism-dependent Pacific Island countries economically hard. Fiji, amongst these states that is feeling the impact.

Like every other country, the Republic of Fiji faces the unprecedented challenge of managing the financial consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the number of cases remains low, in a country where international tourism is a cornerstone of the economy, the implications of the crisis have taken its toll economically.

PNGBUZZ TV: H.E. Mosese Tikoitoga continues:

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