Violence-free Home Key For Child’s Health And Well-being


Early childhood experiences of children between the age of a day old to 8 have profound impacts on their brain development so a violence-free home is vital to avoid devastating repercussions on child’s health and wellbeing.

This was the key message NCD Governor Hon. Powes Parkop delivered yesterday (Thursday, December 10, 2020) at the City Hall in Port Moresby during the commemoration of World Human Rights Day themed ‘Educate a Child to transform PNG: Start Now! Start at Home!

Governor Parkop stating that, neuroscientific researchers overseas have found that a baby’s brain develops during this time and discouraged parents and guardians to use violence at home as a means to resolve problems.

“Don’t show to them that violence is the way to solve problems. Our mind is not empty at one time. It always absorbs whatever comes our way. It is incumbent on us to be feeding our kids with positive things which are foundation for the children’s upbringing,” he said.

City Manager Bernard Kipit encouraged National Capital District workers and city residents alike to invest in educating their kids like their parents did to them. Mr Kipit said kids need survival skills so educating a child means transforming the city and entire country. Human rights is all about respecting one and another, he said.



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