Sumkar Investing in Agriculture


The Sumkar District Development Authority (DDA) in Madang Province continues in its undertaking to invest more on agriculture following a cheque presentation to the value of K100,000 by the Sumkar DDA Chairman and local MP Chris Yer Nangoi to the Brem Cocoa Corporative of ward 1 and 2, Bunabun and Sewan areas of Sumgilbar LLG.

The K100,000 funding will be utilized for the Brem Cocoa Corporative cocoa nursery and rehabilitation project.

Sumkar MP Chris Nangoi encouraged the people of Bunabun and Sewan to utilized the available land to plant and grow cocoa and utilize agriculture as a means to sustain and improve their lives.

Nangoi added that it is not about politics but capacitating the lives of the people in the rural areas by empowering them to be financially fit through agriculture which was once the backbone of PNG’s economy.

The K100,000 is part of a 1 million kina funding commitment made by the Sumkar DDA in 2019 for Commercial Crop Subsidy.

A similar K100,000 funding was also made by the Sumkar DDA last year to the Bargam Cocoa Corporative Nursery which as seen good progress with 21 smaller nurseries being set up around the Bargam area in the Sumgilbar LLG of Sumkar District in Madang.

Pic: Sumkar DDA

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