Gaun Tamol Rugby Union Team formed in NCD


Gaun Tamol is a rugby union team recently formed and made up of Madang-raised individuals currently residing in the nation’s capital.

The initiative behind the formation of the team is to revive the code back in Madang province and motivate Madang’s youths to bring back the Madang Madgauns 7s Rugby Union team which exposed PNG Pukpuks representatives in the likes of Patrick Tatut Jr and Joseph Mocke.

The Madang Rugby Football Union (MARFU) was once a pathway to promote youth talent in Madang however the code’s following has declined over the years.

PNGBUZZ TV caught up with the Gaun Tamol team in training and spoke with Toby Toali:

The Sports Tok Rugby 7s competiton will be held on the 28th and 29th of this month in Port Moresby.

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