Drafting of National Cyber Security Policy in progress


With the Internet becoming more accessible and affordable, issues pertaining to cyber safety, cyber security, and cyber-crime have emerged and require immediate policy and operational intervention to ensure the safety of all citizens, their personal data and the data stored and collected by the Government.

According to Department Secretary Steven Matainaho, drafting of National Cyber Security Policy is in progress and is expected to be completed soon.

Protecting Papua New Guinea’s national security and promoting the prosperity of the PNG Citizen are among the top priorities of the Government.

Cyberspace is now an integral component of all facets of the new digital economy, including the nation’s economy and defense. Ensuring the security of cyberspace is fundamental to both endeavors.

This policy will help address some do those challenges in the cyberspace.

The PNG Department of Information and Communications Technology has also recently become a member of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise where they are now able to draw from experiences globally help us completing this Policy. This support is assiting to complete the governance framework and strategy” Mr Matainaho stated

The department is grateful for the technical support from NICTA and Australian High Commission Papua New Guinea for ongoing support in the development of certain aspects of this policy.

The current draft National Cybersecurity Policy is available on their website as part of early consultation efforts.

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