Motiv8 Monday: Article 2: Leadership – #2 BELIEF

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Leadership #Belief

Last week I introduced my EBECAR Leadership principles to becoming an influence. This week we continue with the second pillar – Belief.

A leader as quickly as possible identifies the abilities and the potential of the people they lead, and provides an opportunity to explore those abilities for the benefit of the business.

During my pastoral days, I coached literally thousands of young people who had doubts about their abilities or lack thereof. The sad truth is, the doubts were a result of years of negative words being spoken over them, in their environment growing up. As far as they were concerned, they have never done anything that was considered successful or worth a mention. 

But as their leader at the time, I was amazed at the commitment level they showed to attend my youth programs, they participated whole heartedly, and I saw glimpses of the incredible talent and eagerness to learn. I was excited about helping them find their place in the ministry or I would help them find employment. 

Demonstrate Belief in your people

Here’s how I dealt with them. I told them that their past no longer matters, we have to deal with who you are today and what you want to be tomorrow. We can’t change the past but we can learn from it.

I showed keen interest to learn more about them, their families etc. I asked more questions to find out about their dreams and aspirations. I gave them opportunity to speak and for me just to be an ear. I can only describe these experience as “rivers of living water flowed from their inner most being with some incredible dreams and ambition. They all had this one thing in common – they sincerely wanted to help other people! They didn’t want other people to experience the same self-doubts that they had experience up to now. 


All I had to do as a leader was to listen, and believe with them that it’s possible. This is why I consider it critical in believing in people’s potential. Anyone can yes, I believe in you! But, it’s not all smooth sailing overcoming doubts – you need to persist until they start to show change and start believing in themselves.

Practice Belief

Give them opportunities to try things and be there to support them, expect them to fail and, as soon as they do, you are there to pick them up.

Many organisations see potential in their employees, training them, but never provide the opportunity for employees to practice – due to pressing business KPI’s and the bottom line. But, I believe those businesses will be frustrated in the long run, and high staff turnover can be expected. 

You know your staff, believe in them, and give them a go! You will not regret it!

Any questions, I would like to hear your experience and opinion.

Until next week!

Arthur C Tane

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