What does PNG’s Independence mean to you


45 Years of Independence

Freedom and independence can sound like lofty concepts, but how do they break down for a young aspiring Papua New Guinean?

Video: PNGBUZZ approached 4 young PNG citizens to capture their interpretations of our country’s independence:

After 45 years, many will be skeptical on PNG’s achievements as a nation and our goals moving forward.

Outspoken East Sepik Governor Allan Bird offered this word of advice and encouragement in making a difference via his facebook page:

“Clear the bush near your home, fix the drain on the road to your village. Stop throwing litter on the road, into the rivers or the sea. Clean up your coffee garden, prune your cocoa trees. We need a bigger, growing economy, one not dependent on mining, oil or gas. That economy will not be built by the government, it can only be build by our ordinary people in the private sector.”

“Quit smoking, drinking, beating up your partner, etc. Recommit yourself and your family to something positive. Something that will bring you happiness. Blaming others will not get you anywhere. Find something positive to enjoy your freedom, a freedom we received at no cost.”

Video: Our young guests elaborate further on what they hope to see in the next 5 years:

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